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All paintings will GO LIVE
at noon July 16th, 2022

“Painting for me is about expressing a feeling or emotion through visual means. When I see something that moves me, I work to break it down to find the essence of what it is visually that makes the scene so appealing.


Perhaps it is the beauty of light moving across the form or a harmony of color. It may be a lyricism to the design that strikes an emotional chord in me, or the striking contrast of value and color, etc. The juxtaposition of things; a figure in the landscape, or contrasting figures, like young verses old, or work versus play, can really add to the meaning of a piece.


My purpose in painting is to communicate the emotions and beauty that I experience to the viewer with the hope that the painting will trigger a similar emotional response in them. Ultimately, I hope my work uplifts and inspires to do good.




I am always amazed at just how rich and beautiful the colors of nature around us really are. It is easy for me to forget when I fail to observe life more than the monitor. The most effective education for me comes from observing from life.”

Well versed in a variety of painting styles, from still lifes to landscapes, Michael Malm is perhaps best known for his impressionistic paintings of figures. The surrounding rural communities and settings provide backdrops for his figural paintings and inspiration for his landscapes. Though he paints a variety of subject matter his first love is painting the figure. “The human figure, in my mind is the most beautiful of God’s creations. So much can be communicated through the tilt of the head, or the gesture of the hand. I strive to capture subtle things such as these in hopes of creating something emotional and moving.”

Michael Malm received an associates degree at Dixie College in St George, Utah, a Bachelors degree from Southern Utah University and a master of fine arts from Utah State University. Michael has had the opportunity to study with well-known artists Richard Schmid, Dan Gerhartz, Michael Workman, Burt Silverman, C.W. Mundy and Jim Norton.


In 1997 Mike was a top finalist in the prestigious Arts for the Parks Competition. He is the recipient of “The Directors Choice” award in the “Artists for the New Century” show at the Bennington Center for the arts in Vermont, September 2002. The painting “Winter Afternoon” has been added to their permanent collection.


Michael has been accepted to exhibit in the Sixth International Art Competition and has received an Award of Merit at the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City, Utah. This piece was also purchased by the museum to become part of their permanent collection. Michael has recently completed a commission for the Museum of Church History and Art in the Salt Lake City. Most recently Mike was featured in the January/February 2011 issue of Art of the West Magazine.