RENCHER, RON  MOUNTAIN OF THE SUN 8 x10 oil on gessoed panel $1,500 - Copy.JPG

All paintings will GO LIVE
at noon July 16th, 2022


Nature and the living elements of nature have always been my source of inspiration as an artist.  My first preference for subject matter is the landscape, a source inspiration and knowledge.  I believe any artist who is devoted to realism is obligated to work from life, or nature, whether the subject is landscape, figurative, or still life.  Studio paintings that are convincing testimonies of nature’s truths are not possible if a significant segment of the artist’s time is not spent working en plein air.  Nature demands that she be consulted often for those truths to be intoned in one’s paintings, either studio or plein air.  

Strict observation of the time-tested Principles of Art are also required in order that the paintings one produces are well constructed in terms of design and composition and application of the Elements of Design.  When these are well ingrained in the artist he or she can then more freely and naturally incorporate them in their paintings.  This is my constant endeavor.


 As a result, I hope to bring realization to the viewers of their own inner beauty, and the fragility of the earth, and how inextricable we are from the nature.  Emerson said that we cannot find beauty in the world unless we first find it in ourselves.  I believe that art is a profound mechanism for revealing and affirming the beauty in ourselves, and then by some process of grace, the beauty in the natural world is revealed to us.  If I can be a part of this, however great or small, I will have made at least some contribution to a better world.